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Brand new testimonials:

I've taken many songwriting workshops but Harriet Schock's class is the best by far. Her approach is so unique and the class is very intimate. There's so much encouragement, acknowledgement and laughter at the roundtable or oval in this case! I've never experienced anything like it and I can't wait to start my second session!!
-Sue Epstein (singer/songwriter)

I didn’t think I could write this song. But I did with Harriet’s steps.
-Richard Hefner (singer/songwriter/actor)

Here's a 3-minute video of testimonials for my teaching starring Bill Berry, Tracy Newman, Anna Montgomery, Andrea Ross-Greene, Duff Watrous and Kat Parsons.

Take your songwriting to the next level with this step-by-step method.
Harriet Schock is a renowned songwriter and teacher of songwriting as well as a consultant to songwriters all over the world. She teaches a step-by-step method that enables songwriters to become remarkable at writing songs -- songs that touch people emotionally. And Harriet doesn't simply coach a student through the writing of one song. She teaches a technique that students can use now and in the future to make every single song the very best it can be. Every muscle of songwriting gets exercised. The ten-week course consists of lessons and exercises which create a solid foundation for writing songs effortlessly. Problems such as beginning a song and not knowing how to finish it, unclear or illogical lyrics, lack of response from listeners, weak melody, less than compelling harmony, and other difficulties, such as writer’s block, that can plague songwriters seem to vanish when a writer uses the system taught in Harriet's course. Harriet has taught classes for USC, the Songwriters Guild of America, and Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Harriet has written music and songs for four of Henry Jaglom's films, “Going Shopping,” “Hollywood Dreams” and “Irene In Time,” in which Schock plays Sandi Fuse, a singer/songwriter making an album with the lead character, Irene. Harriet’s entire band is on camera performing the songs. Most recently, Harriet’s song “Bein’ a Girl” was featured in Jaglom’s latest film, “The M Word,” performed by Andrea Ross-Greene. Karen Black’s play, “Missouri Waltz” was written around five of Schock’s songs and has played in L.A. and Macon, Georgia. For 10 months, Harriet acted in the world premiere, award-winning, Henry Jaglom play, “Just 45 Minutes from Broadway,” in which she created the role of Sally Brooks. She is featured in the film based on the play. “Breakdown On Memory Lane,” the title song of Harriet’s most recent CD was used in an episode of “Trophy Wife.”

Over 100 of Harriet’s songs have been recorded and released or placed in films and TV shows. Schock's songs have been recorded by such diverse artists as Smokey Robinson, Roberta Flack, Helen Reddy, Lee Greenwood, Johnny Mathis, Nancy Wilson, Manfred Mann, Carl Anderson, Jeannie Kendall, David Pomeranz, Jannel Rap, Rebecca Parris, The New Supremes, Vesica Pisces, Big Wide Grin, and the Little Mermaid.

Her feature film and TV song credits include "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking," "Delta Force II," ABC's "The Secret Garden," Motown's "The Last Dragon," “Matters of the Heart," “The Real Life Adventures of Santa Claus," the theme for the Emmy-winning children’s series “Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks,” “Going Shopping," “Irene in Time,””Trophy Wife,” “The M Word” and "Platypus The Musical."

Here’s what some of Harriet’s current songwriting students have to say:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this class in more ways than one. It’s been waking me up from my long hibernation as a writer. Harriet is a fatantic teacher and she really has a way of reaching into your soul and pulling a story out.”
-Kris Garrett (singer-songwriter)

"I wanted to take my songwriting to the next level and so I enrolled in Harriet Schock's School Of Songwriting. Through each step I have found it to be stimulating and inspirational. It has ignited my desire to reconnect to my creative roots. The course is highly motivating and it is such a plus to be surrounded by other creative students in a very supportive and instructive musical environment. Beware! This course is habit forming! You will likely re-enroll a multitude of times as I have. Each session becomes better than the one previous and you will be thanking your lucky stars to have discovered The Harriet Schock School Of Songwriting."
- Nancy Kelel (Singer-Songwriter)

"After writing hundreds of songs, Harriett’s class has given me some entirely new ideas about how to develop and refine my lyrics. I look forward to making her methods an automatic part of my writing process". - Pat Kelley (Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist)

“Harriet takes the ‘mystery’ out of song-writing while keeping the ‘magic’. Her brilliant technique breaks down the process into orderly, manageable steps that de-mystify the road to a finished song so that beginning writers can be successful -- but her method is equally valuable to experienced writers and deepens and focuses their work so that it truly becomes remarkable. With a wide range of musical styles and goals among the students, I have been amazed at Harriet’s ability to appreciate and respect each artist’s individuality and uniqueness while offering her unmatched insights to strengthen their particular vision so that whatever they want to say to an audience is being communicated as clearly and effectively as possible. Plus…it’s damned fun!
- Hillary Rollins (Singer-songwriter/playwright)

“I love Harriet Schock’s songwriting class, mostly for the great songwriting method that she teaches. But why I keep going back is the community of writers and artists that she attracts. I have made numerous friends in Harriet’s classes, all who share their knowledge and expertise in the many aspects of songwriting and show business. It’s a writing class, a composing class, a business class and a place to meet like-minded songwriters who are serious about their craft and careers. If you are a beginner or an accomplished songwriter, I recommend studying with Harriet Schock.”
- Bill Berry (Singer/songwriter/host of the Songwriters Square)

“I have been writing songs at various times in my life. Sometimes I had something worthwhile, sometimes I came up with garbage. There was no consistency to it, and no methodology by which I could consistently create something that I was proud of, something that I wanted to perform and share with others, and something that really and truly communicated to others. Since studying with Harriet, I have found a path by which I can create songs that truly resonate. Harriet has an amazing ability to really dig into the material with her students, find those gold nuggets that make the songs worthwhile, and helps us shine those nuggets for all the world to see. The classes are not only a revelation for us songwriters, they help us deal with difficult issues while establishing incredible friendships with other artists. I look forward to each class, not only for the work that I will get to do, but also for the inspiration that the group brings, the incredible wisdom that Harriet imparts, and the pure joy of creating my music while watching others create theirs. This class is unlike any other class in the world, and I cannot recommend it enough!”
- Dan Jablons (Singer-songwriter/actor)

"I have a bunch of amazing songwriter friends, whose songs always knock me out. I found out they'd all attended Harriet's class, so I thought I'd try it, too. Now I know what their secret weapon is!"
- Gary Stockdale (Singer, Songwriter, Composer)

“Harriet's Songwriting Class ROCKS! I have written poems since I was a kid, and I have been a lover of lyrics for as long as I can remember. Little did I know that one day I would be writing lyrics (and music) myself. I am blown away by the way Harriet teaches this class and the beautifully laid out approach that has led me to begin developing my writing talents. Harriet's attention to detail and form mixed with her humor and laser focus make the art of writing songs fun and rewarding. Harriet's class engages the group in a magically creative process where we get to write from a deeply personal place and at the same time, develop great friendships with our fellow songwriters. If you have the desire to write a song, no matter where you are in that process, Harriet's class will take you all the way!”
- Karen Gedisman (Singer, Actor, Songwriter)

“Prior to studying with Harriet, I had read practically every book written on songwriting, and while I learned some things, there is nothing that works better than having a real live coach there who can point out very specifically, what is working, what could be improved and this is done in a very nurturing and supportive way. Studying with Harriet has taken me to higher and higher levels in my songwriting. I think of Harriet as the Phil Jackson of songwriting coaches.”
- Andrea Ross-Greene (Singer/Songwriter/Performer)

“Being back in Harriet's class after all this time reminded me of how incredibly secure the process of writing can feel. She is a joy to be around and wonderful mentor. As a veteran writer, it has become abundantly clear to me that being a part of a writing community under Harriet Schock's guidance is the most important thing I can do for my creative productivity. “
- Anna Montgomery (L.A. Music Award, LAWIM Comet Award 2008)

Take advantage of the class at the discounted price of $370. Private lessons for the same course cost $625. This is a deep discount and, therefore, the classes start out almost full. Contact Harriet if you’re interested. If you do not already own Harriet Schock’s book/CD package "Becoming Remarkable/Rosebud" you will be required to purchase it for the class.

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